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"It's not a big deal to you. Really, break her heart. Let her down. Make her cry because you "care" about her…right?

Geek Charming <3

Karma will come back at you

Be careful what you do, Karma will come back at you…. Karma is a word that derived from the Indian language, and it’s basically saying, “If you do a good deed, then that same act of kindness will come back to you.” It is also the same with with doing something bad, if you hurt someone mentally, physically, or emotionally, then something even worse will happen to you. This is just another reason to be nice to people because you may end up getting hit by a car, or getting bit by a Black Widow because Karma will come up right behind you and dish up a plate of pain, and hurt because it wants you to get a taste of your own medicine. To me, Karma is very important, so that’s why I try to do as many things to help people as I can. For example, you see someone who is old, and is carrying twice their weight in bags, then the right thing to do is to carry some, and make sure she is not about to fall over because the load shes carrying is so heavy. Then, as soon as you know it, someone will be helping you with something, then that person gets help from someone. If people have souls, and are not cold hearted, then the chain of good deeds and help will be continuous. This is why you have to have Integrity, and do nice things because it makes you feel good inside, not because you try to get money for helping people. You could be saying after one nice deed, “I helped  that old woman by opening the doors for her, and she was as happy as can be by that one little favor.” You feel good inside knowing that you may have made someones day. I also like to dis- approve the theory on how people think all kids are rotten brats. I am a kid and I find this quite offensive because not all kids are spoiled. I help people as much as I can, and I’m more then happy to do it.  If you stand there and watch her strugggle to get inside, then you are very mean, and not only that, but when you need help with something, people are going to ignore you like your not even there. This is why it’s important to be nice, and do nice things when nobody is watching you. I am now going to post some famouse quotes about Karma……

“I’m a true believer in Karma, whether it’s good or bad.”     – Sandra Bullock

“I never kill insects. When I see ants or spiders in my room, i pick them up and take them outside. Karma is everything.” -Holly  Valance

I hope this helped you understand………………………………………………. Karma is everything!!!

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